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We welcome all our exchange students from around the world

Our programmes are modularised, and each module earns transferable credits under the ECTS system. Normally, it is necessary to spend at least 1 full semester at IBA in order to be awarded credits.

In the following, you will get more information about applying, academic information, the introduction programme and accommodation.

Semesters 1, 3, 5 are autumn semesters, semesters 2 and 4 are spring semesters.

More information about the programmes:

As well as the 100+ exchange students welcomed at the IBA every year, we also have numerous visits from members of faculty and administration from partner institutions – to swap ideas, discuss collaborative projects or simply to visit the students they ahem sent to us.
Here are some of their comments:

Partner from Greece

What is your impression of the International Business Academy?
"The atmosphere, building and learning environment. A very “friendly” place both for education and for socialising with students and faculty. All the educational and administrative staff we met were very friendly, caring and open to new ideas.
I believe the IBA Kolding is one of the best educational institutions I have ever visited."
What has inspired you most during your stay?
"The informal learning and teaching culture, with lecturers and students communicating in a friendly and constructive atmosphere both inside and outside the classroom."
Have you found anything you would implement in your own school?
"The flexibility of the study programmes and the opportunity to fit to the needs of the students in terms of learning outcomes or time framework and processes. The design of the areas that leads to the friendly atmosphere and the airiness of the building thanks to the large open areas and use of glass."

Partner from France

"This second visit was as impressive as the first one I did last year and confirmed what I had felt then. I was particularly impressed with the architecture and the design of the buildings - much open space, a lot of transparency and facilities always at hand – food/computers/ working areas/ classrooms and office space. We were positively impressed with the quality of communication at IBA. In terms of Teaching Practice, we will certainly implement the 45-minute class period as you do at IBA.
I like the way students can be transferred easily into a different programme if it is more appropriate to their needs. We were also pleased to note that what we offer at TCPL matches with the standards and the quality of your curriculum and your professionalism."


Partner from Turkey

"Every year we send many students through Erasmus Programme and we are pleased you are taking good care of them. You have created an excellent environment. You are working as professional team and this helps student learning experience. High standards and facilities along with English courses for international scholars make the education a life time experience.

I'm very excited about what I learned during my visit. I was impressed with the enthusiasm and devotion of staff. The IBA has:
● Outstanding resources for learning to practice
● Extensive opportunities for learning and has superior facilities
● An exceptional student body taught by world-renowned and inspiring teachers;
● Diverse opportunities for community service; plus
● Abundant cultural and recreational opportunities